Monday, October 7, 2013

My dream wedding will always be a dream

I'll forever be alone. And my dream will always be a dream to walk down the aisle and live happily ever after. You see there is no happy ending, you wouldn't waste money over nothing. My life is a mess. But that doesnt stop me from dreaming. Dreams are free. So here are some photos I grabbed online for my very impossible dream wedding.

So here!

My Wedding Cakes!!! hahaha

Instead of luxury cars, I want to ride into a motorbike. Cool!!

I want my groom to wear the same sneakers as I do! And yes! I want to wear sneakers on my imaginary wedding day!! Triple cool!!

Making it unique, I want this hard boiled egg for an invitation.

To make the promise last forever?(choked) I want it engraved. (pwe)

And the only people I want for my wedding are those who are there with me ALWAYS and not for socials only. I want my family complete with my grooms family. Like an ordinary dinner at the beach.

A kiss while the lanterns are floating. AWWWW

I love tulips and I want tulips for my bouquet!

Elegant and consevative look. This dress is perfect with my converse! Hahahaha


My dream wedding will always be a dream. 

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