Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A life changing prayer

This is gotta be really weird. Well, I have to write an article for an application for a freelance job. After hours of thinking, I finally decided. Let's go back 3 years ago.

I was a sales/customer/technical agent at Wipro BPO in Cebu, had a long distance relationship with my not so long time boyfriend of 2 years. We went through a lot of struggles since its the first time we are separated after years of living together, literally. I came from a broken family. My mom moved out and lived with this sister couple of months before I left for Cebu. So it was the first few months of hell for me. It was reality though, my new life.

I had to think forward and live everything back in Negros for a change. A change that I knew would never happen. I love my family so much (and who doesn't? right?). Well, my birthday is approaching and my parents will visit me, separately! Of course my boyfriend came to see me first since I was hospitalized days before their scheduled visit. He stayed for 2 weeks or more. We decided to have a baby 3 months ago. September! And sadly, we got no luck. It's time for him to leave since my mom will arrive today (December 16) a day after my birthday.

Mom's here and this better be good. We left for Simala that's 3 hours drive from the city. A place where miracles happen. A place where people ask. A place where sick are healed. A place where nature lives. And since its my birthday, my time to wish.

A month after I knew it was answered. A prayer that changed me, the prayer that changed the people around me. I knew I was then going to be happy. I was almost 3 weeks pregnant. I never knew that it will be answered right then. It was a blissful feeling that somehow my life will never be the same. From the late night outs, to the drink till you drop and being a one day millionaire to a sleepless worthy nights and save everything for the future. I knew right then that I will be loved. The 9 months of pregnancy is not that easy. I suffered a 8 month bed rest due to an ovary problem. But it was all worth the rest and money spent. I gave birth through a Ceasarean section to a very healthy baby boy. Though the struggle was tough and painful it was all worth seeing him smile.

God never is delay. He is in his perfect timing. He gave ma someone who will love me though good and bad times and will stay with me to forever. I have someone I call my own. My remedy and my happiness. I didn't expect that my birthday wish came true, no pixie dust or fancy smokes needed. A prayer from the heart. A prayer that I will never forget. A prayer that God answered. The prayer that will forever change my life.

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