Friday, August 30, 2013

A Love Story

There was a boy and girl who loved each other much. But due to some minor reasons they broke up. After the broke up, here are the thoughts they were thinking about each others.   

BOY  - at last I broke up with her.
GIRL - He broke up with me, at last
BOY  -  I don't know why I did that?
GIRL - he may have a strong Reason for leave.
BOY  -  I was so happy with her.
GIRL - All I did was disappoint him, I could have consider it, before.
BOY  - I got a new girl which I don't even like.
GIRL - He got a new girl which he's in love with.
BOY  - I got a new girl, It's only because I couldn't get my mind off from her..
GIRL - He doesn't even think of me.
BOY  - No one can replace her in my life.
GIRL - He replaced me with that Girl, so simply.
BOY  - She was so much better than my new girl friend.
GIRL - She has everything I don't.
BOY  - I want her back, so madly.
GIRL - He doesn't even want to hear my name.
BOY  - She's everything to me.
GIRL - I'm nothing to him.
BOY  - But now she probably hates me.
GIRL - But I can never hate him..
BOY  - I miss her.
GIRL - I miss him.
BOY  - Still I love her.
GIRL - Still I love him...

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