Thursday, August 29, 2013

When its too late..

I was happily inlove with my friend turned bestfriend turned lover turned father of my baby for the past 6 years. We've been together for 5years and 2months. My world stopped when he realized I am not the right one for him. My world turned upside down and got nobody to seriously talk to. Since he was the only person I trust and the only one who was there for me from the start.

I was too busy that I didn't notice it was nearly the end for us. I was busy fixing myself when our relationship was torned apart. I just didn't see it coming. And it was too late.

If I could only return back the favor and bring it back. If only I focus on us. If only I wasn't naive enough. If only. There are a lot of "if's" on my mind. 

All I could remember now was the time we spent happy.

He was everything I ever wanted. He was a friend.

I dont know how to let go. I am too selfish to make him go. I am to blind to see that love is gone.

If' Only..

Its when you already found the right one for you, yet you are not the right one for that person.

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